Tuesday, 3 July 2007

When Lovers become "Friends"

When Lovers become "Friends"

Do you think lovers can become friends even after they break up? The answer could be yes and no. Because no one knows when or how long will it take for them to become friends again. It is all depend on how well can you adapt to the break up. But one thing I am pretty sure is, if the couple break up caused by the 3rd party intruder, the chance is almost 0%. The relationship is already contaminated by lie and trust is broken.

For those who can still be friend with their ex-lovers, they are either have lost the feeling completely and just waiting for either one to bring up the break up. Since there is no more love, there is no harm to let the other party go because neither of them will lose anything. And those after break up, one of them trying hard to keep the relationship, and unfortunately, mostly are girls who still want to be friends. No matter how cold the treatment from the man, the lady will still choose to drag and avoid the fact that that is not working.

There is nothing wrong to maintain the friendship after break up, but do not ever hope for any miracle to happen. When the guy suggested to be friend, and still going out as normal but just as a friend, do not ever mistaken that is something going on. Because you should understand that when either one of them find another partner, the relationship will definitely going to be changed. No matter how logical you are, you cannot cheat your feeling and emotion. When you call up the guy as usual and invite him for a dinner, but he is already eating and rushing to hang up, by right, there is nothing to be upset about. But the fact is, the moment you hang up the phone, the hopeless and feeling of lose are so unbearable. That is something you should be scared about, because you are upset with a supposed to be a meaningless phone call, you might ask yourself, how logical you think you are and maybe you are trapping yourself into something dangerous.

Can a guy and a gal really be a good friend, when they are seeing each other almost everyday? I don’t know. Do you know?

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