Saturday, 30 June 2007

Different ways of locking your Car

Different ways of locking your car, but effective or not, depends...

Hunny, are we there yet?

The camel is taking a free ride.. maybe..


Pilot, I think we have a problem...

This look scary! If I am in the plane...

Picture: BREAK

Friday, 29 June 2007

70-year-old flight attendant!!

Do you always think that flight attendants are all young? If you ever get on the flight of Continental Airlines route from Newark to Hong Kong, you will possibly get to know a 70-year-old flight attendant, Norma Heape, who service as an international service manager.

When Norma Heape started working as a "hostess'' with Continental Airlines in 1957, she had to sign an agreement pledging to retire either when she got married or when she turned 32.

Fifty years later, jet engines have replaced propellers, the industry has weathered repeated bankruptcies and mergers, Continental has grown from a domestic carrier into an international airline — and flight attendants no longer have to sign that silly pledge.

But one thing hasn't changed. Norma Heape is still flying.

Read All at: Newhouse
Photo by (Sarah Rice): Norma Heape, an international service manager for Continental Airlines, gets ready for a flight to Hong Kong out of Newark, N.J. She has been flying 50 years.

Which side is up? Which side is down?

Can you tell which side is up and which side is down?

Check if your Feees are Healthy!

Gotten this picture from a friend... who want me to find out if my feees are healthy?! hee... I think I am! How about you?

Thursday, 28 June 2007

3D Art, With just a piece of paper

These are created with just a piece of paper! Can anyone recognize where are these buliding located? And what they are?

Sneezing Panda - So Funny!!

This is soooo funny and cute!!

Panda Making It's Escape

This panda is performing her great escape. With the huge body size and still manage to go through the bar.. it is unbelievable!!!

American becomes youngest man to fly solo around the world

A 23-year-old Jamaican-American has become the youngest person and the first black pilot to fly solo around the globe as he glided into Miami after a three-month journey he hopes will be an inspiration to inner-city kids.

Read More at: Sydney Morning Herald

Photo: (Getty Images) Barrington Irving is the youngest person and first black pilot to circumnavigate the globe solo.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Evolution of Flight Attendant Uniform - ANA

The uniform evolution of flight attendant of ANA, there are different style in different generation.

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