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Historically, the 24 most famous photographs!

This 24 photographs said to be the world's most famous photographs, no matter what the time, the place to recall will still make people feel shocked and taste the unique charm of photography. This is truly a classic.

"The perpetrators of the assassination of John F. Kennedy was shot dead"

Oswald emerged. I hold the camera. aware of the crowd was squeezed out. He has taken three steps forward. I pressed the shutter. until I heard the gunshots only know what happened. I did the other photograph as soon as I can. But flash ineffective, and too late charge. I have been worrying about the first photo. I went back to the office two hours later from the prison to wash out the photograph,just realize, I did not shutter too soon.

"The little boy with grenades"

Emosi style is a fantasy world and the world of ideological discord. As of this photograph of sunlight and the park between the two pear, and the beautiful landscape and the kids obviously a bit of terror and brutal expression.

"Salvage the kitten"

This is not a pot of kitten soup. The eight-week-old kitty Helulu wanted to know what is the dinner, she walk around the pot and trying to see what is inside, until she drop herself into the pot.


105 neighborhoods in New York, a hooligan who aimed the gun directly at photographers.
He was only 11 years old, but learned all ugly." Klein recalled : "Of course, the gun is a replica, He is also playing with the child in the United States and just a street game. But in my view, This moment is no longer the game of the children.

"The most famous kiss"

This is the first famous kissing photo. This photo was taken in public place. you will probably think of a portrait, the right to privacy. In fact, it really led to a portrait of the lawsuit. But it did not stop to spread around the world.

"Her name is Margaret Hamel"

This human body photo made Weston photographic state reached its peak, and also one of the great classics, This resulted in a series of human abstract art.

"Aomayila suffering"

November 13, 1985, Colombia Ruiz volcano erupted, Mountain snow melt inclusions after a Longitudinal debris flow, which is almost devoured Amailuo and caused the town a devastating disaster.

On the third day after the volcanic eruption ,the French-AP photographer,Fournier Frank-Hertz, rushed to the scene.He found Aomayila, a 12-year-old girl, who were being clipped in the middle of two fallen house. Her spine was injured, although Fournier, who had worked as a surgeon, but powerless to help. He could only take pictures of the beautiful young lady and her strong face, while from time to time to talk with her to strengthen her hope, confidence and the power of survival.

Until the ambulance arrived at the scene, she had immersed in a slurry Lane for 60 hours.Although the girl received medical treatment, but still died.

Fournier, stayed with Aomayila ,photographed the girl till she was buried.

This series of photos won the 29th WPP breaking news series award the following year. The photos fully demonstrated the harassment suffered by drowning when the girl managed to maintain a calm and composed expression.This was rated good news photographs in 1985.

"Country Doctor"

In 1948, Smith was sent to the State of Colorado Keruimilin shoot a work of a doctor by "Life" magazine. This trip also contributed to the first Smith works in the photography. Smith had followed the United States Air Force to the battlefield of the war in the Pacific.But eventually, his work was not being recognizes and being dismissed.

He said that with the proper use of photography, it will "promote the improvement and understanding of the great forces," He believes that photography is not the matter of arrangements in advance, and more importantly its contents be containing different levels, different levels of readers comprehend. Just like this doctor, he smoke, drink almost untouchable coffee, Smith also to capture this moment and the feeling of the next moment.


A elderly walked into a photography "trap" that set up by the photographer..

"Trap prelude"

Artist was painting a nude painting for his overcoated girlfriend in Seine River. This is actually carefully arranged "Decoy" by the photographer to see the response from the people around.


"Look at this piece of bread, which is an idea of a baker. There are only four fingers. This is also the reason for being named "Picasso"." Picasso said to Duwanuoshi.

"Rotating Wen"

This photograph was shooted by Duwanuoshi in 1953. During this period, he shot a large number of Wen's photo. Wen's parents work in the circus, in fact she is a striptease performances, and has been called "passionate snail". Wen's captivating performances create the stark contrast, Arena Lane darkish and the conditions extremely shabby, Even street coolies could get to see her show. Outside is very bright. This is a clear contrast of the public places and hidden places.

"Railway shops"

Alabama, a railway shops, depicts the 1930s the United States side of the rich villages : a wide variety of fruits and fish, and rows of shops.But soon, the United States economy has entered a period of the Great Depression. This is the reason why this photograph were recollected.

"Broken mirror"

The mirror is broken, two children were picking up the debris, other children were watching silently with guilty. Meanwhile, the other world continue their run, this is no.14 of the 68 series of the 1981 publication of "observation method".

"Small adults"

Three American girls chatting in one of the alley in Seville, Spain. This picture become second best sales postcard for a period of time in The United States.

"Winston. Churchill"

Story about this photo:

January 27, 1941. Churchill just came to 10th Downing Street for shooting a few pictures showing his stamina and toughness. However, the Churchill look far too relaxed with the cigar, which is inconsistent with Carter's idea. He walked up to Churchill and pull the cigar away from the mouth. Churchill was infuriated as a result. At the moment Churchill angry eyes stared at Carter, Carter press the shutter. This photo become one of the most famous photos of Churchill.


This is the retreat of the United States Marine Corps soldiers, Duncan Unique, the performance of the extreme cold. 1950 Marines in the Korean war, had been doing good before the onset of winter. At that time, General MacArthur overestimate their own strength, believe they would advance smooth to the northern Korea until the unexpected counterattacks by the Chinese military. General Smith's words make their losses even more famous "Withdraw........! We go ahead to the wrong drection!"

"Naked runners"

In 1975 the Commonwealth rugby finals, Queen Elizabeth, British politicians gathered on the rostrum. Michel, Australia accountants nude run around the stadium. According to the report, in this embarrassing situation, Queen almost fainted.Later, Michel was sentenced to three months imprisonment.

"Bush out-coursework"

This photo does not have a major theme, but it is a well-known works. It presents a boy walking home with holding a big bottle of alcohol with one hand each. He seems had just completed a glorious but arduous task.

"Hunger in the Sudan"

This photograph was Kevin Carter, won 1994 Pulitzer Prize News Feature photography work. That is a Sudan girl, kneel down to the ground from hunger and soon will be death , and the condor is not far behind the girl, prowling around, waiting for the meal. This photograph shocked the world, attracted many criticism and doubts. When people have asked the whereabouts of the little girl, unfortunately, no know knows, not even Carter. He pressed the shutter as a professional journalist.Drive away the condor and watch the little girl to leave.

Two months after he being awarded with the honor, Carter committed suicide. Moral conscience of the action might be the reason cause Carter to end his life.

"Marilyn Monroe "

She is the Hollywood famous female star Marilyn Monroe in the 60s. Although Mr. Song captured this picture when Monroe inadvertently moved, but this photo solidified the moment and grasp the nature of the beautiful model.

"Suffering of the eyes"

1948 Winter Solstice to 1949 Spring, Henri Cartier Bresson has interviewed China's Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and other cities. This anxious look of the boy photo was taken in Nanjing when people buying rice in a long queue. The pictures show the Chinese people's misery and suffering.

Famous American Society of Magazine Photographers B. Green, said : "It appears that Bresson's photo appears to be unconcerned as something picked up at random. But in fact he is a very thinking person.

"Would you please"

Terry and Tomson are deciding who should start the meal. Chipmunk Jim never expect that he will become the "dinner" of two "friends" the moment the owner left the house. They are all Mark Andrew's pet. When the master around, they seem to be all are good partners.

"Times Square victory"

When the World War II ended news reached the New York Times Square, an overjoyed navy hugged and kissed the nurse who was beside him. Photos appear in the "Times" magazine, reflect the joy of people after the war ended. 40 years later, the photographer initiated a search notice in the newspaper to find the man and the lady of the photo, they had already become Grandpa and Grandma in a happy family.

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