Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The post that I spend the longest time!

Today, I have spent almost 4 hours to post one post. The longest in my history of blogging and yet the most satisfied post ever. Reason being I love those pictures, they represent a very moment that we normally never paid attention to. With one second faster or slower, the look will be completely different. And it delivers the message without a word. How amazing is that?

And I receive the pictures from a friend with all the Chinese illustration. Well, I tried to find the English version, unexpectedly, no sign of any exist. So, well, I will have to “try” to translate the message into English. I have to admit that my English is not as good as Chinese, so, if you do not understand any part of the blog, feel free to email me, I will try to explain. Hehe….

You may ask, what brings me to the world of blogging? I started when one of my friend starting blogging, and I am alone, got nothing better to do after work. Haha… how sad? And now, honestly speaking, I am kinda addicted to blogging. To share pictures, videos, ideas that I enjoy with many other people out there make me excited. Because, the idea of “there are really someone reading your post” but not me talking to myself is pretty cool. Hahahaha…..

Anywayz, just in case you might be interested in the 4 hours not so properly translated post : here is the link :

Historically, the 24 most famous photographs!

Feel free to leave any comments!! =D

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